A Trusted Partner for HIM Solutions

Sue Woodham, RHIT, Founder

MS. Woodham founded Woodham & Associates in 1994 and has over 40 years experience in the areas of coding, auditing, interim management, utilization reviews, DRG analysis and most recently CDI programs.

Prior to founding W & A, MS. Woodham gained her experience as a Director of HIM for a regional hospital followed by a senior consulting position for HIOB, a healthcare CPA consulting firm.  Sue fully understands the entire revenue cycle and works to instill that knowledge in all employees of W & A.

Michael Baney, MBA, CRCR, President

Mr. Baney brings over 30 years experience expanding growth in technology and healthcare companies to Woodham.  Mr. Baney has multi-industry best practices experience that translates well into HIM and Revenue Cycle Management operations.  Prior to joining Woodham, Michael was CEO of a supply chain SAS company and held several management positions with AT&T Professional Services and Johnson & Johnson Health Care.

Christi Roberts, RHIA, CCA, Director of Operations

Christi Roberts is a Registered Health Information Administrator and Certified Coding Associate and has 12+ years of experience in Health Information Management.  Christi has had the opportunity to assist many health information departments large and small in the area of operations, coding, education and auditing.  Christi brings to Woodham skills in the area of Electronic Health Record Implementation, Master Patient Index, Operational Assessments, Revenue Cycle Management, Coding and Auditing.

Christi Roberts completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences, Health Information Management, from the University of Cincinnati in 2013.

Dan Tracy, Director of Sales

Dan has been building relationships with customers in healthcare for over 35 years.  Involved in the evolution of marketing speech recognition in Hospitals and large clinics from its inception in the 1990’s, Dan has a unique perspective of the challenges in the HIM and Diagnostic departments in the hospitals and clinics. In the last 10 years Dan has helped HIM departments consolidate, improve and drive down the costs of transcription saving hospitals millions of $’s.  Dan fully understands all aspects of the revenue cycle process.

Michelle Murasko, Director of Finance and Human Resources

Michelle joined Woodham in 2012 with over 20 years of accounting experience.  She is a Price Waterhouse alum, a CPA, who also has 15+ years of Recruiting/Sales Management best practices expertise with staffing services industry leader, RHII.  Michelle’s diverse strengths combined with her commitment to exceptional customer service and work flow efficiencies have been instrumental to Woodham’s process improvements and Revenue Cycle services.

Andy Renfroe, Chairman, Managing Member

Mr. Renfroe is a growth oriented Entrepreneur / CEO with a track record of forming successful partnerships.  Recently Mr. Renfroe, along with Rowland Milam and Michael Baney joined Woodham & Associates to help make Woodham one of the premier providers of HIM services in the country.

Prior to joining Woodham, Mr. Renfroe was the CEO and Founder of OSI, one of the country’s largest medical transcription companies, achieving the INC 500 winner in 2006 as one of the fastest growing companies in the USA.

Rowland Milam, Board Member, Managing Member

Mr. Milam has held several senior management positions including Vice President of Sales of an industry-leading multinational medical transcription company. Mr. Milam has served on various regional and state vendor boards in the MT industry. He founded and managed a successful medical transcription company that ranked #56 in Inc. 500's Fastest Growing Companies.

Our Mission Statement

Our first responsibility is to our customers. Everything we do must be of the highest quality in providing timely, accurate and client driven services. Our primary focus is providing a team of professional and experienced coders, auditors, directors and consultants to support stronger revenue integrity for our hospitals.

Our Management Team